Domino QiuQiu




An odd mix of dominoes and poker


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Domino QiuQiu is a game that brings together the traditional poker gameplay with dominoes. To this unique combo it also adds an extensive social component that lets you give beers to other people at your table, throw tomatoes at them, or even blow them kisses.

Players of Domino QiuQiu can quickly join any game and start playing straightaway. But you may be wondering: how does the gameplay work exactly? And, well, that's a bit harder to explain. You can interact with lots of the game elements, but the way to do it remains a bit of a mystery to us.

Domino QiuQiu is a very odd game. It's clear that it offers a profound and entertaining game system ... but it really is quite hard to understand.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher.

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